Yacht Racing

A days sailing on an impressive yacht in the Solent or Cardiff Bay is the ideal way to entertain corporate guests, provide the ultimate staff reward day, or give someone a lifetime of memories.

These world-famous yachting areas with their crystal waters are ideal for many different sailing activities, and among them is corporate charter. The Solent and Cardiff Bay are sheltered from the ocean swell that can affect the Channel; the mainland ports of the Solent and Cardiff are easily reached from anywhere in southern and central England.

On a sailing day out you have a number of choices as regards refreshments:

  • Sail all day, with sandwiches, fruit and other finger food served when the opportunity arises; this arrangement generally suits only keen and experienced sailors who want to do something special, such as sail around the Isle of Wight.
  • Have lunch at anchor in a sheltered bay or creek, probably on the island shore, where we can serve a more elaborate meal on-board; this suits pretty keen groups who want to strike a balance between maximum sailing time and food thats a bit special.
  • If you choose to set off from the Solent you can head for Cowes. Here, you have a choice between lunch on-board or in one of a dozen restaurants and pubs dotted along the narrow streets of this famous yachting town.
  • Yarmouth is directly across the Solent from Lymington (and served by frequent car ferry). This is very useful for organising a mini-regatta, typically using three matched yachts; we eat on-board to keep the sailing time to the max, but Yarmouth does have some excellent restaurants, including one which is acknowledged to be the best in any of the Solent ports, so the place also has attractions for those who put lunch at the top of the agenda!

Corporate Yachting Packages

Yachting is all about teamwork, and anyone who applies themselves to it can make a contribution – so it makes a great basis for team-building.

It takes teamwork to sail a big, powerful yacht at all (leaving aside yachts specially equipped for single-handed sailing, of course). And yacht racing really brings out the best in anyone with the slightest competitive instinct. You can introduce the challenge of racing by entering an established regatta, or by asking us to organize your own mini-regatta, with two, three or four matched racing yachts.

For clients who want to make serious use of sailing as a management development tool, we can bring in specialist consultants to construct team-building days that do just the right job. Perhaps you are bringing together a new group of people to work on a new project, and want to see how they relate to one another. Perhaps your existing management team needs a bit of a shake-up. Perhaps you want to give some junior members a chance to take more responsibility.

If you simply want to give your staff day out a competitive focus without going to the lengths of a mini-regatta, consider a nautical treasure hunt. We have teamed up with specialists Action Treasure Hunts to organize a variety of hunts, some involving hunting down clues while afloat, others separating the sailing from the hunting element

Book a Yachting Trip

For more information or to book a yachting trip, please call 01432 264 807 or email enquiries@ultimate-activitycompany.co.uk.