Tank Driving

Experience the fun and excitement of tank driving. Race amphibious vehicles over a variety of challenging courses set on a World War II bombing range.

Why not start your day off with an exciting drive in an amphibious 4-track snowcat, followed by the thrill of driving an FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier, finishing off the session by taking on the enemy vehicle with your cannon!

Most confirmed kills wins.. can you kill them before they kill you?

Tank Driving + Paintball

Combine driving and paintball to make an action packed day of adventure! Sessions or days can be tailored to suit all… whether it’s a birthday, stag/hen party or a corporate event.

Tank Driving Sessions

Receive instructions on how to drive 17 tonnes of hardened steel, then try tackling the steep obstacle course. Feeling confident? Now try it with all doors and hatches closed seeing only through your periscopes!

Session time: approx. 45 minutes.

Availability: April-October only

Gift Vouchers Available

The Commander’s Challenge

Take it in turns to negotiate the tricky tank course set in a World War II bombing range. Then engage in all-out armoured warfare with your 40mm paintball cannon against your opponent. Who will drive? Who will aim? Who will load the breach? YOU OF COURSE! All tank crews are issued with kevlar helmets, tank suits and gloves to ensure 100% combat efficiency.

Session time: approx. 2 hrs

Availability: April-October only

Gift Vouchers Available

Dads and Lads Tank Driving

Why not try a fun ride around the bombing range? You will ride with one of our instructors, before target shooting with the main armourment – the 40mm paintball cannon. Now it’s Dad’s turn to drive!

Session time: approx. 45 minutes

Availability: April-October only

Gift Vouchers Available

Snowcat Combat Patrol

Prepare for combat! You and your crew are a peace-keeping force given the task of securing the wood. Using one of the all terrain amphibious personnel carriers fitted with two paintball machine guns, you must patrol through the area. Identify a number of ambushes and take them out before they take you!

Session time: approx. 1.5 hr (based on 3 man crew)

Availability: All year

Gift Vouchers Available

Snowcat Challenge

Fancy something easy going? Ever driven a tracked amphibious personnel carrier capable of traveling over land, snow and water? There’s not a place it can’t go! Why not try it on the track?

Session time: approx. 30 minutes

Availability: All year

Gift Vouchers Available

Snowcat Kids

Arranging a Birthday Party? Now the Children get their turn to have a go in an Ex Military Snowcat Vehicle! Fitted with semi-automatic paintball guns the squad will be driven around our off road custom made target shooting area before embarking on our woodland course. The children also participate in the Paintball Sniper Challenge to see who is the best shot. Prize for the winner !!! All paintballs are included!

Group size: Maximum of 10 children (minimum age 8 years).

Session time: 1 hour session

Availability: All year

Tank Driving makes a great stag activity

Tank Driving Multi-Activity Break

Why not combine a few activities to make a truly great break? We can arrange a Multi-Activity Break. Packages are available for a range of budget so why not give us a call or use the enquiry form above to get in touch. We can arrange everything, even transport, meals and accommodation.

Add half a day of abseiling or rock climbing for just £10 extra