4 x 4 Off-Road Driving

4X4 Off Road Driving is the Ultimate Experience!  We offer all types of off-road driving from multi activity taster sessions to beginner and advanced 4×4 courses across the UK. If you would like to try your hand at driving off road or to go one stage further in developing your masterra ability to drive off road, then contact our office today.

Taster Sessions

4×4 Off Road Driving Taster Sessions are a great way to try your hand at something new, as part of a multi activity program or as a gift voucher for a friend or relative. No previous experience is required as full instruction is always given. Our taster sessions last around one hour and cover all the basics required to get you driving off road. We have a number of sites across the UK with prices starting from £45 per person.

Beginners Off-Road Driving

Half Day 4×4 Off Road Driving Experiences are designed to teach individuals the basics required for driving off road. During phase one, our instructors will take you through a short classroom session to explain the basics, before driving off and helping you to develop the skills required to comfortably maneuver around a number of obstacles on our 4×4 course.

Once the driving phase gets underway, you’ll be taught a number of techniques which will aid your ability to drive in high and low ratio off road. As your ability improves your coach will gradually increase the difficulty of the terrain that you’re driving over, so you will learn how to cope driving through pools of water or ascending up steep slopes.

Once the mornings practical session is over, we head back for a quick De-brief and lunch. Any participants staying on will then head back out in the afternoon to start the advanced off road course.

Certificate’s of attendance are presented at the end of all our courses.

Advanced Off-Road Driving

Advanced 4×4 Off Road Driving Experiences are designed to take you one stage further in your quest to discovering what’s possible when driving an off road vehicle through ditches and up steep slopes.

Advanced off road driving courses start with a short lecture about driving techniques, before moving onto the piratical phases. During the first half of the day, you’ll learn about high and low ratio gear settings and experience how to use these over various terrains, before moving onto the second half of the day, where things get much more advanced as we learn how to tackle various obstacles and test your capabilities at taking an off road vehicle to it’s limits.

Throughout the day your coach will help you progress to get the most out of this experience and so you leave feeling confident in your abilities of driving off road. We also award points for each section, with a prize for the top achiever. Its then back to the classroom for a de-briefing and prize giving before the course concludes

All students are awarded a certificate for successfully completing our Advanced Course and are eligible to attend the Extreme Course

Extreme Off-Road Driving

Extreme Off Road Driving is designed for people that have completed our Advanced Off Road course and want to put their driving skills to the test. During this course you’ll go to the next level in off road driving and learn how to overcome many common challenges and self recover your vehicle from difficult situations.

We run off road driving experiences all year round but recommend wet weather to really put your skills to the test, challenge your ability to drive safely and test the capabilities of the vehicle across each obstacle.

As with our Advanced Course, the day is divided into two parts. During the morning session drivers will head out across a difficult circuit to warmup and refresh your skills before getting stuck into some serious terrain and really testing your skill and nerve. After stopping briefly for lunch, the course moves on to vehicle recovery so everyone can become familiar with some common equipment such as lifting jacks, ropes, bridging ladders and winches.

Do I need to bring anything?

Clients booking this course are advised to bring a change of clothing! (Although, coveralls can be supplied to minimise the mess).

How much do the Off-Road Driving Courses cost?

Course Prices start at £45 per person.

Gift vouchers are available for this activity!

How do I book?

Call 01432 264 807 or email enquiries@ultimate-activitycompany.co.uk.

There are no restrictions however any special requirements or health concerns must be discussed at the time of booking.

Off-Road Driving makes a great stag activity

Off-Road Driving Multi-Activity Break

Why not combine other activities with off-road driving to make a truly great break? We can arrange a Multi-Activity Break. Packages are available for a range of budget so why not give us a call or use the enquiry form above to get in touch. We can arrange everything, even transport, meals and accommodation.