Bushcraft Survival

Taking Bushcraft & Survival Courses to a new level

Bushcraft survival courses UK just got exciting! We have run hundreds of outdoor survival and wilderness events from our Survival School in Hereford.

Our next survival course will be held in the Brecon Beacons:
Dates coming soon

About Bushcraft Survival Training

Over the winter our bushcraft & survival instructors have been putting together a range of new and interesting survival course programs. The courses look at real survival situations which individuals or groups have been through.

On these survival courses we look at real events that happened in the UK. We analyse the situation, the outcome and what could have been done differently. In each re-enactment you will learn to prioritise fire, food, shelter and water. You will need to navigate your way to safety or devise a rescue plan using survival equipment

Our survival courses aren’t just woodland based. They are based on real events and so deserve to be delivered in real environments. We operate from remote locations in the Brecon Beacons, using the River Wye in Herefordshire.

Bushcraft and survival courses run all year round. This allows advanced bushcraft skills to be put into practise in hostile and challenging environments.

We offer bushcraft and survival courses from one to seven days. These teach basic and advanced subjects in a hands on and interactive way. Courses can be run on request for groups of six or more people or individuals. Small groups can choose from a range of pre set dates.

Our instructors have had extensive training and experience. They have all necessary health and safety and first aid training. Safety is paramount in all of our activities.

Book A Bushcraft Survival Course

We can tailor a bushcraft course to meet your specific requirements. Courses can also be run for groups that want to learn about specific places or topics. Participants may find this useful prior to going into unknown countries or locations.

Survival Courses are ideal for corporate events, stag and hen weekends, adventurous families and groups of friends.

To discuss a course, please call 01432 264 807 or contact us using the form above.